Cougars Beat is written, edited, and managed by Steve Parkhurst. A lifetime baseball fan who has enjoyed the game as a player, a coach, a writer, a photographer, but most importantly, as a fan. He is also a Houston Cougar from his early days as a fan of the golf, baseball, and football programs.

Cougars Beat exclusively covers Houston Cougars baseball with a heavy focus on the current team and a best effort to cover the high school players who have committed to Cougars once they graduate.

University of Houston Cougars baseball deserves a voice, and fans deserve a place where they can get a recap that might be good enough that if they did not get to attend or watch the game in question, they would get the full picture from Cougars Beat.

The writing style for Cougars Beat is not conventional. It could be described as “Walter Winchell’s writing style meets America’s pastime.” You are likely not familiar with Walter Winchell’s writing from the 1920s to the 1970s, but he wrote with an ellipsis, three dots, to separate his thoughts. Winchell’s paragraphs were not always complete sentences and they did not always relate to one topic. Likewise, Cougars Beat seeks to tell the story of baseball in a readable and efficient way that will likely fold in some opinion along the way.